KlaipÄ—da, Lithuania’s third-biggest city (population 201,800), is not just any ordinary port; it is the northernmost ice-free port in the Baltic states. With a distinctive architecture that is quite unique in Lithuania, influenced by the styles of its northern neighbours, it offers its visitors a delightful chance to explore a small but very cozy Old Town with quaint, reconstructed merchants’ houses and converted warehouses that have kept their original exterior timber beams.

KlaipÄ—da cherishes its marine traditions and on the last weekend of July it holds its annual Sea Fiesta, a tradition that began in 1934 and which has gained huge popularity in the recent years.

The most popular tourist attraction for adults and children alike is the Sea Museum with its amazing dolphinarium and fantastic aquariums filled with exotic fish. It stands on the cape of the Curonian peninsula inside the restored 19th century Kopgalis Fortress. Dolphins and Californian sealions, penguins and seals swim, jump, dance, sing, and even paint for the visitors during the shows. Anyone who’s not afraid of getting splashed is welcome to take the first row. 

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